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Gilbert Gottfried podcast with Kirk

Metallica guitarist and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Kirk Hammett visits the studio to discuss his lifelong love affair with horror films, his priceless collection of movie memorabilia, his sympathy for “misunderstood” monsters and the shared connection between horror fans and metal heads. Also, Karloff goes digital, Kirk meets Robert Crumb, Forrest Ackerman drives…

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“We’re still right about Napster”

Nearly 20 years on, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett still firmly believes that the band were right to sue file-sharing company Napster in 2000. Despite all the negative attention it brought them. “The whole Napster thing – it didn’t do us any favours whatsoever”, he admitted to Swedish TV show Nyhetsmorgon. “But you know what? We’re still…

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Ernie Ball winners

Ernie Ball and Metallica have announced the winners of the “Hetfield + Hammett Experience” contest. The three grand prize winners won a trip to meet James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett at the METALLICA HQ, the band members’ inner sanctum in San Rafael, California where they record, write, and houses memorabilia from their 30-plus years of touring worldwide. Trevor, Kim, and Anthony had the opportunity to pick the metal…

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