#MetallicaDiet challenge

#MetallicaDiet challenge

2018-05-08 0 By Greta

Metallica is revered as the kings of heavy metal. But when the band arrives in Boise for a concert, its members want things to be significantly lighter.

On Wednesday morning, Metallica issued a 29-second video through Twitter and Facebook accepting a #MetallicaDiet Challenge from radio personality Big J of Boise station 100.3 FM The X.

If Big J, whose real name is Jeremi Schlader, drops at least 100 pounds by Nov. 28, all four musicians promise to grant him an in-person interview — a rare opportunity.

“I was super surprised,” Schlader, 41, says.

He was perusing elliptical machines on the Internet when he got a text from his wife asking if he’d seen the video.

“Big J, we wish you the very best of luck,” drummer Lars Ulrich said in the clip. “Become … a smaller J.”

Sheesh, it doesn’t exactly help that Metallica will be performing at an arena named after Taco Bell.

To comprehend the enormity of Big J’s situation, think in terms of classic Metallica songs.

He weighs around 424 pounds. (“Sad But True.”)

Nevertheless, he is committed to losing weight. (“Nothing Else Matters.” He must “Seek and Destroy.”)

He doesn’t want to let Metallica or himself down. (It would suck to be “The Unforgiven.”)

Big J has chronicled his battles with food through videos on social media. He contacted Metallica’s management company back in March pitching the idea for this challenge.

Still, he had no clue that one of the biggest bands in the world would release a video addressing his weight.

“Now the pressure’s on,” he says.

Big J says he’s spent a lot of time thinking about dieting after another DJ at The X recently survived a heart attack.

“He’s younger than I am,” Big J says. “I was joking with him, how dare he have a heart attack first? This is real. The health issue is now at a point where it’s hard to ignore.”

“It would be great to interview Metallica,” he says enthusiastically. “It would be better to live.”