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Ron McGovney interview

Ron McGovney is the original Metallica bassist, and it was his garage that not only hosted auditions for the band but also served as their first rehearsal space! Ron recounts how he met James Hetfield in junior high, what happened to their highschool band, Leather Charm, his first introduction to drummer Lars Ulrich (and what…

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Polar Music Prize onstage interview with Lars

Music journalist Jan Gradvall interviews Lars Ulrich, co-founder and drummer of Metallica about the band’s beginnings back in the 80s, their musical influences and long and successful career. The interview is based on songs from Metallica and other artists who have had a major impact on the band, to help tell the story of this…

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Documentary on WorldWired tour production

Metallica’s live shows are famous for having technically ambitious stage setups, complete with pyrotechnics, lasers, projectors and more. Their WorldWired tour has proven no exception with its eye-catching stage design (the band perform under a canopy of 52 LED video cubes, which move up and down with the music) and groundbreaking use of drones (it’s…

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RT: Other metal bands have followed Metallica’s path by seeking therapeutic intervention

Robert Trujillo says that other bands have followed METALLICA’s path by request therapeutic intervention when faced with personal turmoil. The San Francisco heavy metal giants’ 2004 documentary, “Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster”, followed the band through the three most turbulent years of their long career, during which they battled through addiction, lineup changes, fan backlash…

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Load is 22!

Metallica’s sixth studio album was released 22 years ago today, so in order to celebrate this kick-ass record, head over to Metallica’s official website and read an interview with Lars and James (and a bit of Kirk) about the album from two years ago.

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Gilbert Gottfried podcast with Kirk

Metallica guitarist and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Kirk Hammett visits the studio to discuss his lifelong love affair with horror films, his priceless collection of movie memorabilia, his sympathy for “misunderstood” monsters and the shared connection between horror fans and metal heads. Also, Karloff goes digital, Kirk meets Robert Crumb, Forrest Ackerman drives…

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